Sold Archive

Elephant-8x10 oil on wood panel-private collection Lamas-16x20-oil-Private collection RustyBucket-12x16 oil on linen SOLD
Cliffwalk-Study-5-Fort-Williams-9x12-oil-on linen-private collection Florida Landscape,12x16 oil, SOLD The old picket fence-18x24 oil on linen-SOLD Looking For The Ladies-11x14 oil SOLD Growler-8x10 oil -SOLD
On the Hunt-16x12oilonlinen-SOLD Summer Birches15x7.50-oil-SOLD Woolly-6x8 oil SOLD Dry Docked-oil-9x12-private collection Steel-Blue-Atlantic-9x12-oil-on-linen-Field-study-Private collection
Discovery-11x7.50 oil-Private collection Pretty Bird-12x17-oil-Private Collection Pretty in Pink-10x8 oil-Private Collection Great White Hunter-36x24-SOLD Bringing in the Catch-6x8 oil on linen-$900-SOLD
Secluded spot-12x16 oil on linen panel-private collection The Arabian-9x12 oil on linen panel-Private collection View From the Cliffwalk-12x9 oil on linen-Private collection Summer Coast-17x27 oil on linen-SOLD Afternoon Nap-8x12 oil -Private Collection
Crashing waves on sweeping rocks-12x24-SOLD Little Red Dancers-Private Collection copy Charging African Elephant- 12x9 oil on panel-private collection French Carriage-14x18-oil on stretched linen-Private collection Girl in a Silk Shawl- 14x11 oil -Private collection
3.Daydreams and Smoked Mullet-22x28 oil on linen-SOLD 4.Three in a row-(Field study)11x14 oil on linen-SOLD Old Southern Oak-7x15 oil on panel-SOLD Working Lady 16x20 oil on linen-SOLD The Happy Hen-12x16 oil on linen panel-SOLD
Red pillows!-9x12 oil on linen panel-SOLD Alone-with-her-thoughts-11x14-oil on wood panel-SOLD Little Shell Seeker-8x10 oil on panel-SOLD The-Stare-40x30-oil-on-linen-SOLD Gull, 9x12 oil on linen panel-$1400-SOLD
Morning Light-15x30 oil on linen-SOLD Stacked and Ready-11x14 oil on linen-SOLD Barnyard Ladies-10x8 oil-Sold Buoy Shed-9x12 oil on linen panel-SOLD Life on the Docks-12x16 oil on linen panel-SOLD
Oyster Boats-5x10 oil-SOLD Lula Belle and the Preacher Fisherman-24x18 oil-SOLD Draped in red-9x6 oil -SOLD Girl in a wicker-9x6 oil-SOLD Thoughtful-Hodges Soileau-oil 12x9 SOLD
Cafe Cantantes, 12x16 oil on linen-SOLD A Good Day's Work-12x16 oil on linen-SOLD Fallen but not forgotten-9x12 oil-SOLD Pots, pots,and more pots-6x8 oil-SOLD Path to the Gulf-6x8 oil-SOLD
Storage shed, 9x12 oil SOLD Proud Prancer-5x7 oil on linen panel-SOLD Regal-Hunter-24x18-oil on linen-SOLD Commission, 40x30 oil on linen-Private Collection. Summer Fun, 8x10 oil on linen
Morning Wash-10x5 oil-Sold Stumphole beach-14x11 oil SOLD The Flower planter-8x10 oil-SOLD Theater door-St Joe-10x8 oil -SOLD Life by the sea, 11x8.50-oil on linen SOLD
Untitled-6x8 oil -SOLD Willard Beach 12x9 oil on linen panel-SOLD A Chestnut Crosses 9x15 oil on linen-SOLD Dana's Flowers-8x10-oil on linen-private collection Fallen -9x12 oil on panel-Sold
Derelict Dock 11x14 oil on linen panel-Private collection Maine Gull-8x6 oil-SOLD Street Fiddler,6x9 oil on linen-SOLD Untitled 6x6 oil on linen panel SOLD Untitled 6x6 oil on linen SOLD
The White Robe-7x5 oil on linen panel-SOLD Waiting on a Fare-8x6 oil on linen-SOLD Commercial St. 11x11,oil on linen-SOLD Frisky ladies-6x9 oil on linen-SOLD Bella Donah-24x18 oil on linen-Sold
Co-Op Road-12x9 oil -private collection Wekiva River-(Field study)12x7 oil on linen-SOLD F.I.S.H. boatworks-9x12, privite collection Day at the Beach, 9x12 oil on linen panel- SOLD Green Tractor-6x8 oil on linen-SOLD
Stumphole-6.75x6.75 oil on linen panel-SOLD The Swimming Hole-7x5 oil on linen panel-SOLD Fort williams ocean study 6x9 oil on linen panel-SOLD wildflowers-6x8 oil on linen panel-SOLD The Watering Hole-17x31-oil on linen SOLD
Drying Out-9x12 oil on linen-SOLD Ready-to-Go-11x14-oil-on-linen-SOLD.jpg Old Port Gulls-24x18 oil on linen Lowtide=6x6 oil on linen panel-SOLD Before the Bath-16x12 oil on linen-SOLD
The Star Grazers-12x16 oil on linen-SOLD Dockside-6x9 oil on linen-SOLD Catious Approach-12x16-oil on linen-SOLD
the_red_robe1 redhead_in_red-1200dpi-Sold-WPresize Young_Girl-12x16_oil_on_canvas Red_Hair-8x10-oil_on_panel Yellow wrap-12x16oil on canvas-study for poss giclee
Study of a young woman-12x12oil on canvas Her red robe-9x12 oil on canvas-study of poss giclee image Red draped figure-12x24-oil on canvas Before the Bath Silk Robe-13x20-conte and white chalk
The water Jump Dancer in Profile-12x16-oil on canvas amsterdam_awnings-1200dpi-8x10-soldresize Don`t make me get up-16x20-oil on linen The tender shoots-11x14-oil on canvas
Two Amigos-oil on canvas-20x30 grumpy Patient Hunter-9x12-oil on canvas surf_walking-_sold-cav. brahama_in_shade
Graceful Hunter-Giclee on canvas-18x24 Sunday Stroll-12x24-oil on linen Old Mason Rd Cattle-12x16 oil on Linen The Wild One-12x16 oil on linen grapes_and_a_lemon-9x12_
Bull Creek-12x16 oil on canvas The Blue Vase-9x12-oil on canvas Sunflowers- oil on canvas-Sold Sunflower study 3-private collection Draped figure 11x14 oil on canvas
Near Portand Headlight 8x10 oil on canvas Cafe conversations-Paris-16x20-oil on linen Main st Winter Team 12x16 oil on canvas Street Musicians-New Orleans-sold
A Great Day on Casco Bay 8x10 oil on canvas Seaside Relic-12x24-oil on canvas new_england_relic Lobsterman-website2400dpi-A-C Le_Bigorneau-amsterdam-1200dpi-9x12-sold
haywagon-website-landscape-2400dpi-Soldresize Morning on the Alice O