Cattle Demo
Step 1a

Step 1.

In this first step, I apply a thin wash of paint to eliminate the stark white of the canvas that might impair value decisions.  I then wipe out some areas to suggest shapes that might approximate sizes of cattle figures in the foreground.  I then begin to make as accurate as possible, paint applications on the first figure.

Step 2a
Step 2.

I start drawing with paint the shape of the second forward animal. I like working this way…..seeing a image emerge with no preliminary drawing or under painting.  This requires accurate pieces of paint and will increase ones observation skills.  I go back to the first cow, and make adjustments and apply more paint.  This figure is almost complete.

Step 3a
Step 3.

I continue to develop the standing bovine, working background edges around the figures as I go.

Step 4a
Step 4.

Here I am nearing the finish of the painting.  I have suggested all of the background cattle, being careful to hopefully make them less important than the figures in the foreground.  Although they are just blocked in, I try to make good believable shapes that represent these types of cattle.

Step 5-Old Mason Rd Cattle-12x16oil on linena
Step 5.  The Finished Painting.

This is the last step.  In finishing , I make small adjustments in value and temperature where need.  The drawing, I think is accurate to my satisfaction, so I soften a few edges and look over the entire piece for any oddities that might not seem to fit.  I think I am finished.