Old Port Working Boat

Old Port Working Boat Demo
Step 1

Step 1.
I begin this with a search for filled and unfilled space.  I can determine how
large my subject will be in this composition, and make sure I have enough space
to make the statement needed for this painting.

Step 2

Step 2.
Once I have determined where things are going to be, I begin painting in a direct
manner, working towards the finish immediately with every application of paint.

Step 3

Step 3.
I am well along on the focal point which is the boat.  I am attempting to be efficient
with this little sketch, and not have to make to many adjustments in the end.  So far, not to bad.

Step 4

Step 4.
I begin to improve values in the background, and indicate shapes that suggest things, rather
than render them.  Hopefully these shapes will look like things, and be somewhat interesting in the end.

Step 5

Step 5.
This is the final step or finished painting.  “Old Port Working Boat” (Flight l0 12×9 oil on linen.
In this final step, I look over the entire piece to make sure it is cohesive and nothing stands out as a
Distracting oddity, or does not make sense.  I also thicken some final passages of paint where it is needed.
I am reasonably happy with the harmony of color, and the general appearance of the paint quality in this small sketch.  This sketch was executed very quickly and directly in an attempt to keep it spontaneous looking.  Hopefully this will translate in the large version that I plan to paint.