Fisherman’s Dock Demo

Step 1

Step 1.  This step is about getting rid of the stark white surface with some kind of local color.

Step 2

Step 2.  The entire canvas is now prepared for some of the direct painting that is to follow.

Step 3

Step 3.  Here I try to be deliberate, and place pieces of paint with as accurate shapes as possible in the beginning, and hopefully minimize drawing corrections later on.

Step 4

Step 4.  I have indicated the little figure on the dock.  Not looking for detail, but good shapes and values.  So far, not to unhappy.

Step 5

Step 5.  The figure is brought to a greater degree of finish, still being careful not to overwork or over render.

Step 6

Step 6.  Here I am nearing the end of the painting.  A few more final adjustments and more paint.

Fisherman`s Dock- 16x20 oil on linen

The Finished Painting:  “The Fisherman’s Dock” 16 x 20 oil on linen.